Steris  :- SurgiGraphic® 6000 Image Guided
Surgical Table

SurgiGraphic® 6000 Image Guided  Surgical Table

Control Every Move. See Every Detail.

The SurgiGraphic surgical table enables radiology-quality imaging for minimally-invasive vascular, orthopedic, or other procedures requiring fluoroscopy; lateral and longitudinal float, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, height adjustment, and the most useful combinations of these movements.

  • Unobstructed imaging from carotid to distal tibia – a full 83″ – meaning you get a 360° view as if the patient were floating in space
  • Higher quality imaging with less radiation energy due to minimized attenuation, scatter and edge effects
  • Surgeon has complete control of every table movement with the Surgeon Palm Control
  • Smooth longitudinal and lateral float feels like the table top is gliding on ice