It is a combined toilet and bidet system for use in the bed. It has been designed for the benefit of both users and carers, to enable urination and defecation without a bedpan or continence pads. It allows the user an independent solution to their need to eliminate. Solaticare is for continent adults, who are bed-bound with limited mobility and are aware of their need to void.

There are two options – an automatic version located in the workings of the electric profiling bed, and a mattress system, which uses a specially adapted mattress placed on a standard bed, with the help of a carer. Both versions of the Solaticare System allow those in bed to urinate, defecate, and then be rinsed and dried.

The Profiling Bed:

The profiling bed system allows full independence of use, and the full benefits of a profiling bed although a carer is required to replenish the buckets daily. A cutaway section of the mattress moves down and away, and is replaced by the suction head which extracts waste products, rinses with pre-selected warm water and then the process is completed with a warm air dry. The suction head then returns to its original location, under the bed and the mattress cut-away is restored to its original location. Both clean and used dirty water are stored in a sealed bedside unit – no pluming required.

The Mattress System:

The mattress system is a simplified, budget option, which can be used on any standard single bed, and in most situations will need active involvement of a carer to position and then remove the suction head. It is supplied with an adapted mattress, which allows easy positioning of the suction head level with the mattress. It uses an identical bedside unit as a profiling bed and functioning of the elimination of the waste and cleaning of the user is the same.

Please find details attached along with link to our video This should help you to understand and see how effective the Solaticare system is for immobile patients.

Please see also the link to the Novamed (Europe) Ltd Website –

Solaticare is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, for temporary relief or for permanent use due to illness or trauma.

The initial clinical trials were conducted in the Charles University Hospital in Prague and from these trials we have received a positive response to the product. Please see attach testimonials for this trial – Clinical Trials and Testimonials. We have also attached testimonial from an Independent User in the UK – Betty’s Testimonial.

The mattress system will fit onto any bed. Our mattress is manufactured up to medium hazard to prevent pressure sores. It will take about 2-3 weeks for the bed to be delivered to India from UK.

Recently, three independent OTs have reviewed our product and please see their product review attached