Godrej :-Chrysalis ICCU  with CPR (TWCL)

Chrysalis ICCU  with CPR (TWCL)

Fully automatic wire remote control Intensive care unit bed with back rest up down, knee rest up-down, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg, hi-low position controlled through noiseless electro mechanical actuators (TI made) operated by soft touch attendant( nurses’)control panel.
The overall dimension should be 2206 mm (L)x 1010mm(W)x Height adjusted from 450 mm to 825 mm without mattress.
Base frame should made of 30mmx 60mm 2mm thick CRCA rectangular tube with the bed frame of 50x 25mm and 40 x20mm, 2mm thick rectangular tube. bed should have four section lying surface with ABS vacuum from with antimicrobial property which should be easily removable, washable to maintain hygiene with integrated mattress retainer.
The bed should have four numbers of pp moulded side board with drop down mechanism, completely collapsible to maintain zero transfer gap.
There should be 4 nos of bumpers given at the four corners made up of neoprene with excellent shock absorbing property.
In order to achieve the Deep vein Thrombosis (DVT) position, the lower leg rest portion of the bed frame should have the provision of a ms zinc plated ratchet ( Hettich make) . The ratchet should be adjustable in eight different positions. The back rest, Knee rest, TR & ATR positions should be operated upto 70 degree, 24 degree and 15 degree respectively. (Should work in all operating heights).
The head board and leg board should be with 3mm wall thickness. The head board, leg board & side boards should have provision for color stickers & made of moulded pp with antibacterial additives. Both the head & leg board should be removable without locking mechanism for ease of use during emergency.
There should be four nos of nylon moulded patient lifting pole holders and saline stand holders provided at the four corners of the bed.
The bed should be provided with 125mm plastic injection moulded (Tente make). The castors should be provided with MS round tube made auxiliary brake.
It should have accessories like urine bag holders; ms chrome plated linen tray and provision for bed extension upto 180mm.
The bed should have provision for front loading medium sized ms made oxygen cylinder cage.
The unit should have the total load bearing capacity of 300kg with patient load bearing capacity of 135kg.17. The unit should work on power input of 230v +/- 15% and 50-60 HZ as appropriate fitted with Indian plug.
. All the MS parts should be treated with nine tank pre-treatment procedure with zinc phosphate and powder coated with antimicrobial and thermosetting epoxy polyester to control the bacterial growth.. Bed should be provided with telescopic IV pole. This SS made IV pole should be of MS frame and SS made saline stand which can be fitted on the bed.
The bed should be provided with 40 density 100 mm thick PU foam mattress which should be covered by heavy helium material which is water proof, flame retardant, vapour & X-ray permeable. The zip & stiches for the mattress cover should be concealed.
The bed should compliant with IEC 60602-52 standards and compliant with current protection level of class 1 and shock protection level of Class B. All the electrical parts should have the liquid ingress protection as per IPX4.

22. The Manufacturer adheres to a certified quality management system in compliance with the following standards:
a. ISO 9001:2008
b. ISO 14001:2004
c. OHSAS 18001:2007
d. CE certificate
e. ISO 13485.
f. USFDA certification.